Juvenile Justice Systems Collaborative (JJSC)

The County of Santa Clara Juvenile Justice Systems Collaborative (JJSC) is a community council focusing on collaboration among the Office of the County Executive, Juvenile Courts, Probation, District Attorney, the Public Defender, local governments, law enforcement, schools and community based service providers. The collaborative will be dedicated to preventing youth from penetrating the juvenile justice system, continuously improving processes within the system; and ensuring the deployment of evidence-based practices to more effectively rehabilitate youth. The collaborative consists of the Race Equity in Justice Systems Workgroup (REJS) and the Race Equity through Prevention Workgroup (REP).

The Office of Cultural Competency Director, Arcel Blume, co-chairs the Race Equity through Prevention Workgroup (REP).

Race Equity through Prevention Workgroup (REP)

The Race Equity through Prevention Workgroup will focus on ensuring race equity, promoting child well-being and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in projects/work related to justice system prevention and early intervention programs that serve the youth in the County. The REP will ensure that youth and families affected by, and who benefit from, the efforts of the Workgroup have access to information generated by the workgroup and play a meaningful role in decisions made by the workgroup.

  • Promote structures and policy change to prevent youth of color involvement in the justice system.
  • Ensure race equity and improve educational and social outcomes for youth by reducing exclusionary disciplinary practices and school-based arrests that disparately impact youth of color and providing supports and services to that improve outcomes.
  • Narrow the education to justice pipeline by identifying and implementing structural and policy reforms that support positive educational, vocational and life outcomes for youth of color.
  • Increase access to key information that affects youth of color and their families, while incorporating their voice in the decision-making process

REP Agenda and Minutes

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